5 Features that should present in Whatsapp

5 Features that should present in Whatsapp

5 Features that should present in Whatsapp

As we know Whatsapp is one of the tops messengers apps that people are using for communication with friends and family, sharing pictures and videos.But some of the features that are still missing in Whatsapp.Here below are the top 5 features that should be present in Whatsapp in near future.

 5 Features that should present in Whatsapp

1.Group Video Chat

Video chat is one of the most popular features that everyone is using Nowadays.People are getting more closer with help of this feature, but this feature allows you to chat with only one person at a time.What if you will be able to do video chat with a group of people or with selected people from your contact list sounds good hmm!!!.


2.Joining Request for Groups

Whatsapp allows freedom to add people to groups without their permission sometime which is quite irritating.There should be a request for joining the group at the other end from admin side with two options Accept or Decline.This will help people who don’t want to become a part of  Random groups.


3.Stay Hidden

What if when you are using the app and it doesn’t show that you are online just below your name?  Yes, there should be a feature that allows the user to stay hidden while using the app.Although WhatsApp has added a feature to hide last time stamp still there are many users who want their privacy to the next level.


 4.Voice message preview

When you are sending a voice message and it doesn’t show a preview of your voice message to check whether it is correct in listening or not.It should be there in upcoming updates


5.UPI Payments

Today’s digitization is growing very fast. UPI (unified payment interface) allows you to Transfer money straight in the bank account and pay from the bank through your mobile. Whatsapp is working on the integration of this feature within the app.This will make WhatsApp smarter.

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