7 Technologies that are no more existing in 2018 and declared obsolete

Technologies that are no more existing

Technologies that are no more existing

Every year latest gadgets with new technologies are coming and after some months, years that are getting replaced with other new gadgets and technologies. The old one is becoming obsolete as the new one is coming. 

Here is the list of 7 technologies that are no more existing in 2018 and declared obsolete.

1. WhatsApp for Older phones

WhatsApp is no more supporting for phones that are running on older operating systems like Blackberry 10 OS and Windows. If people want to use WhatsApp then they have upgrade their devices as WhatsApp said in a blog post

“When we started WhatsApp in 2009 people’s use mobile devices looked very different from today” and now technology has been changed a lot and it’s hard to provide support for older devices”.    

WhatsApp also has already stopped supporting for devices running on Windows 7, Android 2.1, Android 2.2 and iOS 6


2. Windows Phone

Microsoft started launching Windows Phone along with Nokia but after time the company decided to walk solo with their Windows Phone. Unfortunately Windows Phones are failed to get huge fame like Android phone and iOS phones.

The things that Android and iOS is launching is coming very later to the Windows phone that is why Windows Phone becoming very outdated and people are switching to other platforms.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone

3. iPOD Shuffle 

Smartphones are covering up everything, people are using smartphones listen to the music nowadays.The screen free MP3 players was launched by Apple in 2005. After the launch of 12 years company and these tiny MP3 players will get no more support by the Apple as company discarded two products iPOD shuffle and iPOD Nano in July 2017 

ipod shuffle

ipod shuffle


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4. Vertu 

When it comes to most expensive luxury phones the company Vertu comes into the picture. This company is known for making most expensive phones having titanium, White gold platinum body. Embroidered with diamonds. The company announced its shut down in July 2017. The CEO of the company said we will bring it back someday.

Virtu Mobile

Virtu Mobile

5. Google Tango

Tango is augmented reality computing platform launched by Google 4 years ago back in 2014. Google launched this AR platform for the developers to develop AR Android apps using motion tracking technologies sensors like gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer and GPS systems.

Its hard to implement AR on low piece of hardware smartphones. Google announced Tango project will be shut down in march 2018.

Google Tango

Google Tango

6. Google Chrome Ads

In June last year Google has announced the it will block ads in chrome browser including the ads which are also served by Google itself. From February 2018 Chrome will block all non-complaint type of ads. 

Google has joined a group in the name of service of better ads this will increase the customer experience according to Google.


7. Groove Music

Microsoft announced that its service Groove Music will be no longer available from 31 December of 2017. 

Groove music

Groove music

Groove Music is online streaming songs service launched by Microsoft in October 2012.

This was the list of technologies that companies has decided to discard, What other technologies you know which we will no longer available in 2018 let us know in comment section below. 


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