Apple patents foldable iPhone with flexible display

Apple patents foldable iPhone with flexible display

Apple always adding new things to its iPhone. They have introduced touch ID, Face ID and a lot. Now for 2018 projects, Apple filed a patent for foldable iPhone with a flexible display with US Patent & Trade Office and it has been granted according to reports.

The phone design looks like opened and closed book with a metallic hinge that allows iPhone to be bend. The patent contains all types of mentioned display LED, OLED, and micro LEDs.

Source US Patent and Trademark Office

Source US Patent and Trademark Office

Earlier according to Apple is working with LG on foldable displays projects which may end up in 2020. It is expected that the foldable iPhone production will start in 2020.

Samsung is also working on bendable smartphones and they may introduce their phone in 2018.

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With the launch of Quantum version, Firefox browser is becoming better, much faster than before, smoother animation and the interface has improved a lot. Firefox is the only browser competitor of Google Chrome. Menus become easier to navigate and search bar is now giving more suggestions for better browsing experience.


Firefox is working on a new feature with Have I been pwned to flag websites that have been hacked in the past. Firefox is looking to add this new feature to its latest Quantum browser. Have I been pwned is a popular website that can tell you if your email id credentials been hacked in the past by hackers or not.


It is not confirmed yet when this feature is coming Quantum version

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Google is collecting Android users location data even when location services are turned off on Android devices

According to a report, Android smartphones are collecting users locations data and able to send it to Google even when your device location services are turned off. When devices just got simply connected to internet and Android smartphones are also able to do this while you haven’t inserted any sim card or didn’t use any app based on location services,

A Quartz investigation report has been disclosed this information. Google confirmed this investigation and said it was the end of this execution this month.

Since the beginning of this year, Android running devices are gathering location information of users from the nearby cellular towers and sending that data to Google while they are connected to the internet.  This practice even works after customers factory reset their devices. This is against the privacy of the users and puts the user information on risk.

According to Google, this location tracking data collecting feature will be rolling out on all the android devices by end of this month.




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