Ever thought about Random numbers on your TV screen?

Random number

Random number on TV screen

Why are you seeing these Random Numbers?

Watching TV and suddenly a random number has appeared on your TV screen! You often see these types of Random numbers during watching your favorite show, live broadcast shows, and matches.These numbers are keep flashing with a time interval gape.But did you ever thought why these numbers flashing on your TV screen and what this means?

Well, these random numbers have a very vital role in the world of Television channel broadcasting.Nowadays piracy is the major concern of broadcasters.To stop piracy broadcaster caste these numbers using some algorithm with time intervals.Each set-top box has a unique id which can’t be changed.These flashing watermark numbers have all the information of your set-top box Yes! with the help of these numbers, broadcasters can reach out your door.

Stop Piracy

Random numbers helps Stop Piracy

If someone strives to record TV shows for piracy motive and upload it to the different websites who support piracy or showing this content at public places like cafe and bars without any license or authorization then these random codes also get recorded hence TV broadcasters can easily reach to the pirates by tracking these numbers and they can ban the service or it could  land them behind the lock-up or there could be huge amount fee charge.These codes also help television broadcasters to identify fake cable tv operators.This is the reason why Government authorities made this mandatory to install a set-top box.


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