Evolution of Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 new vs old model

Nokia 3310 new and old model

Back in time, Nokia Launched a legendary phone 3310 on 1 September 2000 in starting of the fourth quarter of the year. This was the successor version of Nokia 3210 which was also quite popular at that time.

After the launch of  Nokia 3310, it became the most popular with the sold of more than 126 million devices worldwide. There is still the number of people who are using this old device as their secondary device for calling and SMS purpose.

The durability of this device is the main property, to making this more popular in the world. People are still making meme on this device that falling on the floor, it will break the floor in the comparison of the durability of today’s smartphones.

Nokia has also been launched several variants of 3310 that are Nokia 3315, 3320, 3330, 3360.

How Nokia added advancements to Nokia 3310

Basic Version

Nokia launched the first version of this device on 1 September 2000 with very basic functionalities like Text SMS and Voice calling. The device has black and white display having the resolution of 48×84 pixels.

Nokia 3310 Old

Nokia 3310 Old

Single SIM (GSM) device supported only regular standard SIM version. The device is powered by 1000 mAh removable battery. The battery back up of this device is so huge as the device is only running on the basic functionalities.The weight of this device is around 135 grams.

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2G version

HMD Global announced a new version of this device with 2G and 2.5G support at the MWC 2017 (World Mobile Congress)

In 2017 May HMD launched this new feature device with 2.4-inch polarized colored and curved display resolution 240×320 pixels. Features like FM support, MP3 player, Bluetooth connectivity are also get included, 2MP primary camera with LED flash also has video recording feature and 1200 mAh battery offering talk time up to 20 hours.


3G version 

In September 2017 the device got more advancements when HMD global introduced its smart version having 3G cellular connectivity.

Nokia 3310 in 2017

Nokia 3310 in 2017

The phone is now packed with 64 GB internal storage that can be expandable up to 32 GB using microSD card. Rest of the features were same as its 2G version.


4G Version

HMD Global is now planning to launch Nokia 3310 4G VoLTE version that will connect to faster 4G networks. China telecommunication certification authority TENAA listed its feature and device will launch soon.

According to reports, Nokia 3310 4G variant will be running on Alibaba’s YunOS instead of its traditional OS s30. YunOS is a custom modified version of the Android operating system.

Nokia 3310 4G version is rumored that it will have dual-core 1.5 GHz faster processor. TENNA bog post has revealed that the device will support various Network Frequency Bands 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, Band 38, Band 39, Band 40, Band 41. 

The device will have 256 GB storage with 512 MB of RAM on board.

It is expected that HMD Global will launch Nokia 3310 4G variant at MWC (World Mobile Congress) 2018 as the last year company has launched its older version at MWC Barcelona 2017.

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What were the Android and iOS bugs spotted in 2017

What were the Android and iOS bugs spotted in 2017

The Android Oreo and iOS 11 were the major updates that have been rolled out to the devices this year 2017. Although these new patches bringing the new features to the smartphones and tablets.

But sometimes with the install of new software updates, it disturbs the old functionality of the devices.Below you will find the list of Android and iOS bugs that have been spotted in 2017.


Letter “i” bug in iOS

This was the most irritating bug spotted after iOS 11.1 update. The users were not able to type the letter “i” through the keyboard both in iPhones and iPads. This bug converted the letter “i” into ? or A letter. The “i” is a very indespensible letter in English language and also the part of Apple products.
Apple fixed this after the bug reported.


911 dialing issue 

In 2017 there a serious bug in OnePlus 5 devices that some users were not able to dial emergency number 911 on their smartphones. A user reported this bug on Reddit that device will reboot itself after dialing the 911 number and blocking users to reach emergency services. Oneplus rolled out 4.5.6 oxygen OS update to fix this issue.

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Jelly Scrolling Effect

Few days after the launch of Oneplus 5 smartphones users encountered a weird bug jelly-like scrolling effect in their devices. In this Text and images were getting expansion and contraction while scrolling in opposite direction. According to XDA report, it was due to display panel were mounted in invert orientation


iOS crashing bug

After the iOS 11.1.2 update, a strange bug was reported on 2nd of this December month that iPhones crash repeatedly once the clock hits 12:15 am. The bug was caused by third-party apps that were sending local notifications related to reminders etc.

Apple released an emergency 11.1.2 patch to fix the problem just after the hours’ bug reported.


Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL rebooting

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL device users faced a serious bug that it resulted in the devices rebooting randomly. Screen burn in also was the critical bug that was reported in various  Pixel units.



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