Fast Charging Good or Bad for Battery?

Fast charging Good or Bad?

In Today’s world, everyone life became very fast and no one wants to wait for hours to get their smartphone charged up. If you are a heavy smartphone user then your device barely crossed a day, in the evening it has to be plugged in.
Smartphone manufactures provide fast charging feature in devices by this you can juice up your smartphone battery in few mins and it can keep running your device for hours just with help of few minutes of Fast charging.But this fast charging phenomenon good for your smartphone battery life?

Higher current means fast moving of electrons between battery electrodes which produces higher temperature and it can increase the temperature inside the battery hence your device battery could heat up.Acceleration of chemical reactions are responsible for fast charging. But smartphone manufactures companies know how to deal with this disallowing effects

Quick Charging

Quick Charging


Qualcomm has launched 3 tires of fast charging Quick charging 1.0, Quick charging 2.0 and Quick charging 3.0.All the modern smartphone devices having lastest Qualcomm processor coming with fast charging support that is
3.0.When your device battery is low the charging speed will be fast at that time in the beginning battery is accepting full power through charger and the percentage will hike to 70-80%  just in 30 mins then after that battery charging will slow down than earlier. It means the chemical reactions will get slow as well.

Thus it is a very safe process for your device battery.Nowadays the smartphone manufacture companies have improved a lot this process and battery cell is getting better day by day.Your phone actually is not fully 100% charge as showing some voltage space is still there in your smartphone battery to keep it more safer.

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