Google Assistant is coming to older tablets and phones

Google Assistant is coming to older tablets and phones

Google Assistant the most powerful virtual assistant is now rolling out to older Android phones and tablets. Google Assistant will be available to all Android-based tablets having 7.0 Nougat, 6.0 marshmallow, and phone running on 5.0 lollipop.

Google Assistant for older devices has all the feature which lastest Android smartphone has. According to Google more than 45 percent devices still have Android version 6.0 marshmallow and 5.0 lollipop and are receiving updates from Google Play Services so it’s indeed to launch Google Assistant for older devices.

In upcoming weeks these devices will start receiving OTA updates for Google Assistant. Some of the countries like USA, India, Canada, Australia, Singapore users have already received the update. Soon it will cover all the devices over the world.

With the help of Google Assistant you can set alarms, Identify songs, Send messages via Whatsapp and many more. Check out What more you can do with Google Assistant.


Pre-Installed keylogger found in HP laptop models

A security researcher has found pre-installed keylogger software inside HP drivers on more than 460 HP laptop models. That keylogger software can track the keystrokes every time when user press keys to type and it is directly connected to touchpad also.

The HP laptop Keylogger software was discovered by a security researcher Micheal Myng, who unfold this story in his blog post.  He said in his post that he was trying to control the backlighting of his HP laptop meanwhile he found this keylogger software in  HP drivers directory.

Keylogger is able to track every key press and is storing that information in unencrypted file saving on the hard drive. By default, HP laptop keylogger is disabled but an attacker can turn it on anytime to steal your very confidential information with Remote  Access Trojan (RAT).

According to HP, the keylogger software is to make the keyboard work efficiently and it helps to debug the keyboard error. Laptops in Pavilion, ProBook, EliteBook, HP Envy and in other series are containing this HP laptop keylogger software.

HP said a security patch is rolling out to remove this HP laptop keylogger.


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