Google India partners with Udacity and Pluralsight to train Indians

Google India partners with Udacity and Pluralsight to train Indians

Google India is starting a scholarship program to teach people in india association with  Udacity and Pluralsight two online educational training platforms. Google will provide scholarships to developers and students to train their skills to the next levels. The company is seeking to train people in arriving technologies, Mobile and Web development, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning.
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Google India is sponsoring 30 thousand courses on the Udacity and Pluralsight to help developers and students to learn about emerging IT technologies. Top 1000 developers will be selected to receive full Nanodegrees Scholarships.

Unlike China, India is lagging in innovation but is adopting technologies faster. There is an urgent need to upskill and reskill India’s technology workforce,” Florance said.

India has the second largest amount of developers and it is expected that India will take over the US in 2021 in this number as Google new scholarship program is aiming to train 2 million developers in India.

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Source Facebook

Source Facebook

To prevent Fake news Facebook, Google social giants about to add Trust indicator

The Internet is full of rumors and fake news, it’s quite difficult to believe which news is fake or which is true. To prevent such kind of fake news social media networking sites introducing Trust indicator into the content of the post to describe how true is content.

Yes! Social networking giants Facebook, Google others are about to join trust indicator program through The Trust Project. This will make easier for readers to recognize the accuracy of the content published by media sources.

Facebook and Google have collaborated with 75  worldwide news providing organizations to introduce trust indicator. The indicator will appear next to the articles and provide source and author information about that particular article.

However, Google is working on how to display trust indicator and Facebook is doing testing of this feature. Trust Indicator feature will be rolling out soon.


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