Google is working on a new app called Files Go



Google is working on new app called Files Go

Managing files of your device can be a big task while it comes to your device performance. Google is testing and about to launch an app called Files Go to assist storage management and wirelessly file transfer.According to this app, you will be able to see your files at one location and you can apply the filter to files at that particular location.

Files Go app has an interesting feature you can scan all the duplicate files and delete them. It will help you to keep your device performance up and smooth. Files Go let you clean up app cache within the app.Google also has integrated the files transfer system into the app by this you can transfer the large files to your nearby friends having the same app just like as ShareIt. Going further this app has a feature that it will create a list of apps that you are not using from past one month with a delete message.

Google Files Go preview

Google Files Go preview


FilesGo app is going through the beta testing process and launch of this app has not been announced yet.You can have all these features in other apps developed already, So it is expected Google is working on this app for Android Go program.


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