Google Lens starts rolling out in pixel devices

Source Google

Source Google

Google Lens starts rolling out in Google Assistant to Pixel devices

Google takes the use of smartphone camera to the next level. You can do plenty of things, from identifying the objects to booking ticket of a concert Google Lens will do it for you. With help of phone camera, you can even connect to wifi. Google has announced this product at Google I/O 2017 event. Now Google starts rolling out this feature in pixels devices as one of the pixel users suddenly noticed Google Lens icon within Google Assistant. 

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Feature of Google Lens

Google Lens is integrated into two product one is Google Assistant and another is Google Photos. It is enough powerful to recognize the objects, Example take a picture of a restaurant Google lens will tell which restaurant is it, all information will be on your screen like waiting time and what’s the menu they have.

source 9to5 Google

source 9to5 Google

You can connect to wifi with Google Lens just take a picture of your wifi router and next time whenever you point the camera to the router your phone will get connect to wifi automatically.

When you see a poster of an Event or Concert point the camera on the poster Google lens will automatically provide the details to book your ticket.

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