How to delete and recall Whatsapp messages even after seven minutes

Delete Whatsapp messages

Delete Whatsapp messages

How to delete and recall Whatsapp messages that are days old

Recently Whatsapp has rolled out a feature that you can delete your sent messages, you will be able to use this feature only in the time limit that is seven minutes.But if you just realized after 7 minutes and started worrying about that wrong message.

Here how you can delete messages that are 7 minutes old

First of all turn-off your mobile data or WiFi or you can turn Airplane mode on

Now go to Settings–>Apps and find out Whatsapp then open it

Tap on Force Stop button it will pop up a warning message then tap on OK

After doing this the Force Stop button will show disable Screenshot is showing Whatsapp has been Forced stop

Force Stop

Force Stop


Go to Setting–>Time & Date Settings option

Change Time and date so that it can match to the message time that you want to delete, make sure it matches

Now open your Whatsapp application and long tap on the message that you want to delete, then tap on Delete for Everyone.

Congratulations you have done.

Now Go to Settings change Time and Date to present, Turn on your mobile data or WiFi.
This life-saving trick can save your life.You can delete up to seven days old messages with this trick.It really worked

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