How to protect your Smartphone data from hacking threats

Data Security

Data Security

Data security is becoming the main concern while the Internet is full of malware threats and lots of news of data breaches threats are hitting the ground. Possibly you have a good anti-virus installed on your PC or Laptop and protected its access with a strong password but what about your smartphone are you enough worrying about your phone?

Here are some interpret ways in this you can protect your smartphone data from malware threats 

1.Manage File permissions

You often see some instructions while installing apps on Google Play that this app will be accessing your image gallery, Contacts, Email address etc Do not download any of the apps without reading this detail. Also, read the review about that particular app. You can manage installed apps permissions and remove unwanted permissions, let’s see how to do it.

Go to Settings>>Apps then tap Setting gear icon

Now in the next window tap on App permissions, you will see this window

App permissions

App permissions

2.Check System Updates

Receiving System update notification well don’t ignore those notifications keep your operating system up to date.
New updates contain new security patches that will secure your device from latest malware threats. Here to check System updates

Go to Settings>>About phone and tap on System update then check for update

Check System update

Check System update

 3.Strong Passwords

Not having passwords on your phone is just like as an easy invite for data breaches to steal your data. Always set a strong password on your phone and short sleep time for your smartphone.Not all this you should also set a password on your phone image gallery and files.

4.Public Wifi

Everyone loves free wifi, of course, it decreases a load of your mobile data pack and plus wifi is much faster than mobile data packed. But getting connect to public wifi is like giving access to your files to the other hackers. Always avoid making online money transactions while you are using public wifi and never send emails containing critical information using public wifi.

Free wifi zone

Beware of Free wifi zone

5.Encryption of your files

There are plenty of apps on google play who provides Encryption for your files, the app fill encrypt your files and you have to enter a PIN or passcode to decrypt those files. It means if your phone is in wrong hands he or she will be not able to see your sensitive data.


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