How to show pictures safely to friends from your phone gallery

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You may find it is little bit frightful moment when you hand over your smartphone to your friends or family members just to show one picture and they just start swapping over your other photos depending on what you have saved in your device.Well, there is a solution for this and you don’t have to worry about others pictures while showing pictures to your friends.Let’s see how to do that.

How to show pictures safely to friends from your phone

Secure Photo Viewer

Secure Photo Viewer an app that helps you to show pictures safely. This app allows you to pick pictures from your image gallery and only that images can be viewed until or unless you enter the PIN or Password.

Download Secure Photo Viewer

First of all, make sure you have a set PASSWORD, PIN or Fingerprint to unlock your phone.

Go to your phone gallery and select pictures that you want to show your friends

Tap on Share button you will see plenty of options and then select Secure Photo Viewer.

Select Share via Secure Photo Viewer

Select Share via Secure Photo Viewer

It will open the Secure viewer app then press the lock button to lock your device, selected images will be pop up automatically and your friends are able to see only images that you have selected. Try it if your friends are mischievous sometimes.

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