Iphone users are facing letter “i” bug after iOS 11.1 update

iPhone users facing letter "i" problem

iPhone users facing letter “i” problem

iPhone users are facing letter “i” bug after iOS 11.1 update

People are not able to type the letter ‘i” from the keyboard as recently Apple has rolled out iOS updates to iPhones and iPads and breaks out their keyboards.The letter “i” is working fine in iMessage app but it is not working in third-party apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.The bug converted the letter “i” into A or into “?”symbol when people try to type “i”. This letter is very indispensable in English language and also it a part of Apple products, this is becoming quite irritating.The bug happened after iOS 11.1 introduced to resolved previous bugs and a new set of emojis.

iOS 11.1 Emojies

iOS 11.1 Emojies

Apple has acknowledged the problem and they are working to send an update to fix this bug. Meanwhile, Apple has suggested a solution to resolve this bug by replacing text.Let’s check out how to do this.

Go to Settings and Tap on General section

In General, section go to Keyboard and tap on little + icon in the corner

Now in Phase section add capital I and in Shortcut, section add small letter i this should do the job

Keyboard settings

Keyboard settings

Not all the devices running on iOS 11.1 is facing this issue but there are plenty of users who have reported this issue.Apple is still figuring out the reason behind this bug and an update is on its way to fix this.


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