5 obsolete technologies that are still in use by today’s world

obsolete technologiesThe world is full of innovations and ideas as new technologies are coming every year old ones are being taken over by the new ones and becoming obsolete technologies.

From the past decade, technology has been adopting new ideas so many examples are out there that are becoming obsolete within a year or six months. 

In Today’s world, smartphones are taking over everything for example if you want to watch the time you don’t need a wristwatch simple take out your phone out of the pocket it has a digital clock.

If you want to take a photo you don’t need a digital camera your smartphone can do it for you. There are so many plethoras of things that you can do with your smartphone without using other things.

With the change of world and continuing changes in technologies, there are the bunch of obsolete technologies still in use by the today’s world. Here is the list of technologies that are still around and alive.

7 obsolete technologies that are still in use

1. Typewriters

The typewriter is a hand operated mechanical device used to type letters on the page. An array of keys mounted on it and a movable printer to the type line wise line. The first Typewriter was introduced in 1874 and still in use in some offices in the world.


2. Desktop CRT


CRT means Cathode Ray Tube monitors technology is introduced by Mitsubishi back in 1980. These desktops are still around in the world of LCD and LED monitors.

Desktop CRT

3. Dot Matrix Printers 

Dot Matrix Printers also know as Matrix printers were firstly launched by IBM company in 1957. After some decades these printers got replaced by InkJet printers. They are still in the game most of the people are still stick with this printing technology.

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Dot matrix printers

4. Fax Machine

Fax machines are used for Fax communication from decades. You can send documents through an electronic medium from one organization to another. First Fax machine is introduced in 1846 and people are still using this in offices.

fax machine


5. Landline Telephones

Landline telephones are the greatest blessing for this world when the first telephone is discovered by the Alexender Graham Bell. Today is the time of wireless technology as smartphones are covering everything but at some places and offices, this wired communication medium is still in action.

Landline Telephone   


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