Productive Gmail Extensions That you should know

Gmail extensions

Gmail extensions

Productive Gmail Extensions That you should know

Gmail is the biggest Email service in the world that people are using it.Google has done a lot to provide better email experience to its users but there are still you can add additional functionalities that are not predefined in Gmail to make it more productive. By adding these below Extensions you can make Gmail more productive.



Streak extension provides you to outstanding experience between Streak and your inbox.You can Track the opening time and read time of emails that you have sent.Streak lets you share your information between your team members, new invites to the user, share information about new clients to your team members. so that everyone can see that your connections between clients.The streak also sync you to Google calendar, Google Drive, and Google Sheets.


2.DND Email

DND Email extension is made for do not disturb the process.Unwanted emails notifications create diversion between your work but thank DND Email extension it cares about those unwanted emails.You can select the time period in this time period Gmail notifications will not appear and you can even select a contact for DND.



Tired of social networking websites emails that are hitting your inbox don’t worry gFeed extension is for you.This extension automatically archived emails from social networking websites like Instagram, Facebook.


4.Gmail Offline

Not able to access the internet? don’t worry Gmail Offline extension is here for you This is one of the best extension so far.With the help of this, you can search through your inbox, feeds, archive and even you can send emails. It will queue and everything will be sent out in one go when you get connected to the internet.It will save your time rather than waiting for the internet.


5.Checker Plus

Having multiple Gmail accounts and tired of switching between accounts by logging in/out.Checker plus will solve your problem.When you signed in with one or more than one account Checker plus enable an envelope icon in your Gmail with a number of unread emails mentioned on it.Checker plus also provide an option to read out mail aloud when you are busy, not able to read emails on own.



WiseStamp extension able you to create a high quality of signatures and you can share your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn profile link straight away.During your work, you can also promote your Websites and blog posts through your signatures




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