Smartphones Trends How smartphones are changing in 2018

smartphone trends 2017 was the transformative year for the smartphones as we saw so many new features introduced by smartphone manufacture companies. Like Apple launched the face id feature on iPhone X and Oneplus just followed them in Oneplus smartphones.

Phone with bezel-less ultra 4k HD display, with dual camera and portrait mode, phones with 8GB RAM, phones without a headphone jack, phones with curved edges display and so on the list is lengthy.In nutshell 2017 was the full of advancements in the smartphones. 

Many companies are filed patents for different new technologies. What 2018 is having for smartphones lovers.

How smartphones trends will be changed in 2018. What features that we might see in this year.

In display fingerprint sensor

In display fingerprint sensor feature have been the part of rumors from the beginning of the 2017 year. Many companies applied a patent for this technology but finally, Vivo has practically done it as we witnessed the presentation of the world first working in display fingerprint smartphone at CES 2018. The fingerprint sensor working is same like as traditional fingerprint sensor. 

When we lock the phone some portion of the display turns into fingerprint sensor used to unlock. In display fingerprint sensor is the reliable concept for upcoming smartphones.

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in display fingerprint sensor

Foldable display


Phones with foldable display concept come into rumors in mid-2017 when Apple and Samsung both the companies filed their patents for foldable display smartphones. Although ZTE has already launched axon M in the third quarter of 2017 but failed to gain popularity. Surely in 2018 companies will launch foldable displays phones with improved technology.

foldable display

Snapdragon 845 

In December 2017 Qualcomm has launched next generation processor Snapdragon 845 successor of Snapdragon 835. The chip is having X20 LTE modem support for better LTE speed and image processing. The new processor has better security, connectivity, and Ulta HD video capturing support about 60 FPS. 2018 will be the year of Snapdragon 845.

AI (Artificial Intelligent) 

AI is the most fastly adopting technology nowadays. Google is working on an AI project for its Pixel devices that when someone trying to read your personal messages your phone will give an alert that someone is looking. The feature works with front facing the camera with eye detecting AI technology. In the near future, AI will be the most famous technology amongst smartphones.


Triple Camera

Dual camera feature was the most common feature of the rich budget smartphones in 2017. We have seen dual cameras on many numbers smartphones. Phones with the triple camera could be the next smartphone trend this year. Huawei is already working on P20 smartphone having the triple camera lens RGB, Monochrome and Zoom sensor for better picture quality.

Phone with 5G  

5G carrier technology starts rolling out in some part of the world, phones with 5G technology and IoT (Internet of things) will be the part of 2018. 


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