Boost your productivity with these apps

Less productivity means fewer achievements.Whatever you are doing running a business, working in a company or you are a student, being productive is very important.Your every effort towards your work will increase productivity.
Thanks to the smartphone devices it made the life very simpler.Hours of work can be done just within few mins.Google PlayStore is a plethora of application tools.You can boost your prodcuvity with these apps.

Check out these Life Transformative apps to boost your productivity


Evernote an app developed by Evernote Corporation.This app lets you share your notes with your office co-workers, friends and family.You can attach your spreadsheets, images to any of your note.You can set reminders for the goals and tasks of your upcoming projects.One of the best features is the app lets you recognize words from any picture using Optical Character Recognization technology.You can search in any primary language that has been set.The app will sync with all the other Evernote app installed on other devices.

Platforms: Android, IOS, Windows, Mac.




Pushbullet app developed by Pushbellet.With the help this app your all devices can work together.You can easily see phone notifications on your pc.The app lets you send replies to phone messages by typing through PC keyboard. No need to pick up and check your phone while working on PC.It has other interesting features like send files to other devices, send link etc.

Platform: Android, IOS, Windows, Mac

Image is showing Pushbullet

Image is showing Pushbullet app

Image Pushbullet



Hanging out with friends and want to divide the bills among friends then Splitwise is the best app for this.The app is developed by Splitwise.The app lets you divide all the bills and money between friends and family.You can place all the expenditures at one place so that other friends can see that.

Platforms: Android, IOS

Image is showing Pushbullet app

Image Splitwise


4.Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the favorite apps.Every android phone which is latest than 5.0 lollipop version has Google Assistant app.This app works as your virtual assistant and performs tasks for you.You can simply open the app by long pressing home button or by saying “Okay Google”.You can plan your day with the help of this app simply say “How my day look like” the app will do the job.You often forgot about the things where you kept them, tell to Google Assistant it will remind you whenever need those things.You can do plenty of things with the help Google Assistant.

Platform: Android

Image is showing Google Assistant

Image Google Assistant


5.Zoom Cloud Meetings

Zoom Cloud Meetings an app developed by zoom.us. Using this app you can arrange meetings all around the world through video conferencing, Share your computer or mobile screen to all the attendees.This is the best app for webinars, presentations all around the world.

Platform: Android, IOS, Windows, Mac

Image is showing Zoom Meetings app

Image Zoom Meetings


6.Newton Mail

Newton Mail app developed by CloudMagic Inc.This is the most dominant app with plenty of features.It works with all of the email provider platforms.It comes with a number of plugins like Pocket, Evernote, Trello and more. Download the plugin which you want to use, the app will get automatically integrate with another app through plugins

Platform: Android, IOS, Windows, Mac


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