Things that makes IOS performance is better than Android

Nowadays everyone wants a smartphone in their hands.Only Two operating system giants are in race one is IOS and another one is Android.No doubt availability of Android running phones is much cheaper in prices than Apple IOS, but when things come to performance which is better?

Here are 5 things that making IOS is a beast in performance.

1. Specific hardware and Software

If you try the same food at different restaurants it is not possible the taste will remain same in all places, like this There are a variety of Android phones manufacture companies.Every week bunch of new Android phones coming into the market and it is not possible that their performance will remain same just like as food. Different manufacture means the different quality of Hardware but when we talk about IOS only one company is making IOS phones that is APPLE, it means specific hardware and only one device launch in a year. Android application performance could be slow and vairy devices to devices but in case of IOS applications are designed for specific devices, this is the reason Why IOS performance is better than Android in case of execution of Applications.

2. Backend running processes 

Backend processes are those which is running automatically even when you are not using your device.Again IOS is taking advantage when it comes to backend running processes. In IOS processes are very limited that is running at Backend, unlike in  Android there are many processes that are chewing your device battery power.This is the reason why Battery performance is better in IOS.

3.Level of Security

Nothing is secure today in the world of internet but in some ways, the level of security of IOS is far better than Android. The operating system environment of IOS is making it more securable device, on the other hand, Android is more customizable than IOS. You can totally change the user experience from the lock screen to typing keyboard everything is possible in Android it means more apps by third party more chances of Hacking of your data like social networking accounts, contacts, gallery etc.Android phones(Hardware and Software) are manufactured by severally companies.Carrying the same level of security would be not same.

4.Syncing Experience

AirDrop feature of IOS is plus point that making it best-syncing experience operating system. You can easily copy the text from your iPhone and paste it into the MAC. You can play videos or play games easily with the help of this feature on Apple Smart Tv.

5. Frequent Software Updates

Last but not least IOS operating is very active when it comes to Software Updates. Apple is rolling out its IOS updates more frequently than Android thus this provides and adding more security and smoothness to IOS running devices.




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