Wake up your Smartphone without using power button

Wake up your device without power button

Tired of pressing the power button? or your device power button is not working?It is a heart-rending moment when your android smartphone’s power button stopped working and you are not able to wake up smartphone’s screen.It becomes more stressful when your smartphone doesn’t have a home button and all the navigation buttons are on the screen.But don’t worry below are some tips and tools applications that allows you to wake up your smartphone without using the power button.

1. Gravity

Gravity is an application that you allow to wake up your phone’s screen.It is developed by plexnor, this application has features like you can turn on/off the screen with a hand swipe on the proximity sensor.The proximity sensor is present just adjacent to front camera of the phone.This app also has a feature named table sensor it allows you to turn on the screen when you just simply pick up the phone and turn it off when you kept it on a flat surface.

2.Power Button to Volume Button

This app will turn your phone’s volume button into the power button, with the installation of this app by pressing down the volume button you will be able to wake your phone after that the volume button will work genuinely you can control your phone’s volume. This app is developed by TeliApp.

Power Button to Volume Button

Power Button to Volume Button


3.Wave to Unlock and Lock

This application let you unlock or lock the screen by waving of hand as its name indicate.This works with the proximity sensor.Android smartphones have so many hidden sensors we can use them for different motive.
This app is developed by Kimcy929, this app has a very prominent feature it gets automatically start working right after reboot of your device

Wave to Unlock and Lock

Wave to Unlock and Lock


4.Double Tap Screen ON and OFF

Double tap on the screen will on and again double tap screen will get off this is how this app works.All you got to do is you have to give administrator permissions to this app and you are all set.The app will create a black layout around the screen to enable double tap functionality.

Double Tap Screen ON and OFF

Double Tap Screen ON and OFF


While these third-party apps provide you freedom from the power button, on the other hand, these apps will limit your device battery performance.


Bonus tips

  • Make someone call you this will wake up your device.
  • Plug in charge your device.
  • Use google find my device from another device this will ring up your phone and device will light up automatically

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