What was the best useful Google Apps launched in 2017

What was the best useful Google Apps launched in 2017

What was the best useful Google Apps launched in 2017

Google has launched many useful Android apps in the year 2017. From storage management to payment apps Google has covered the variety of things this year, Some of the apps introduced the new features and some of the apps just improved the old features.

We have compiled the list of useful apps that were launched by Google, let’s dive into it  


Surfing on the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram news feeds or watching videos on Youtube loads of mobile data is consumed.  Google launched Datally app, with the help of this app users can save mobile data up to 30% while surfing the internet.

This app allows users to select which app should use data at background process. The app also helps users to find nearby public WiFi networks.


In 2017 Google has launched a payment app called Tez in India to encourage digital payments cash-less society. The app is simply based on UPI payments that are Unified Payment Interface system launched by Indian Government.

Users can transfer money straight bank to bank accounts with the help of this.More interestingly it offering some free money to users to promote digital payments in India.


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Files Go by Google

Another useful Android app launched in 2017 is Files Go by Google to manage storage of smartphones. According to this users can see their files at one place and apply the filter to them. The app has some interesting features scan and deletes duplicate files, clean up the cache of different apps.

Google also has integrated file transfer ability, by this users can transfer large size files to nearby users. Files Go also has a feature that it will create a list of unused apps from past month with a notification delete them.


Youtube Go

Youtube Go is a lightweight app which allows users to watch and download Youtube videos using less amount of mobile data. Earlier in beta version, the app only supported 144p and 360p resolution videos but after the launch of stable version it also supports 480p resolution on slow internet connection

It is available in India and Indonesia, Sooner it will be available in different countries over the world.

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keylogger found

keylogger found

Pre-Installed keylogger found in HP laptop models

A security researcher has found pre-installed keylogger software inside HP drivers on more than 460 HP laptop models. That keylogger software can track the keystrokes every time when user press keys to type and it is directly connected to touchpad also.

The HP laptop Keylogger software was discovered by a security researcher Micheal Myng, who unfold this story in his blog post.  He said in his post that he was trying to control the backlighting of his HP laptop meanwhile he found this keylogger software in  HP drivers directory.

Keylogger is able to track every key press and is storing that information in unencrypted file saving on the hard drive. By default, HP laptop keylogger is disabled but an attacker can turn it on anytime to steal your very confidential information with Remote  Access Trojan (RAT).

According to HP, the keylogger software is to make the keyboard work efficiently and it helps to debug the keyboard error. Laptops in Pavilion, ProBook, EliteBook, HP Envy and in other series are containing this HP laptop keylogger software.

HP said a security patch is rolling out to remove this HP laptop keylogge.

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