World’s First Vivo in-screen fingerprint sensor smartphone

vivo under screen fingerprint sensor

vivo under screen fingerprint sensor

From the past year under screen fingerprint sensor, smartphones feature is the part of rumors. So many companies have filed patents for this technology and making their way to make it. Chinese smartphone making company Vivo has finally done it.

Yes! Vivo has presented World’s first in-display fingerprint sensor smartphone at CES 2018 at Las Vegas Convention Center and is ready for the mass production.

This Vivo smartphone has the Qualcomm fingerprint sensor embedded under the display phone using to unlock the device. This under-screen fingerprint sensor also working to authenticate payments.

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How it works

  • This device is using OLED screen display using the screen pixels gaps to unlock the device. Using the ultrasonic sensors and capacitors embedded under the display, 
  • When we place the finger on the screen and apply some pressure then these sensors create a 3D model of fingerprints and send it to the actual fingerprint sensor that is under the display.


  • This whole process is slightly time taken as this new in-display sensor is slower as compared to traditional fingerprint sensors. Technology is getting better day by day they or someone else will fix it.
  • Due to capacitors and ultrasonic sensors, the fingerprint sensor is not able and failed to scan wet fingers. This fingerprint 
  • Although the smartphone is claimed to have water resistance property but failed to get unlock under the water. 

in-display fingerprint technology surely reduces the more bezel sizes of the smartphones and let them get a larger screen. Apple and Samsung are also in the race of this technology and it rumored that Samsung will add under-screen fingerprint sensor in Galaxy S9.

According to reports, we might see the launch of Galaxy S9 at MWC 2018 event which is going to held from 26 February to 1 March. 

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